Introduction to My Book World

What in the world is ‘My Book World’? Well it’s this:

I’ve recently decided to take the leap and start making videos about books within the BookTube community on YouTube.

So far I’m having so much fun! The videos are fun to make and the community itself is so warm and inviting. I’m looking forward to branching out in future however, for now I’m very much content in the content I’m creating and the bonds I’m forming with others on the platform.

Feel free to go take a look and say Hi while you’re there!

If you love books it’s the place to be!

This page will continuously be updated with my Bookish Wish List or Books I’m intrigued by / looking forward to reading.

Disclaimer! Disclaimer!: The items below contain affiliate links, this means that if you choose to purchase an item using one of these links I’d receive a small percentage from the sellers website.



Other Books:


 Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

I recently read ‘You’ by Caroline Kepnes. It follows a man named Joe Goldberg, and he is a stalker. I was absolutely enthralled by this book and I’m curious to continue with Joe Goldberg’s story.

 Carrie by Stephen King

I read ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King recently as well and I was so inspired my fingers thrummed with anticipation to continue writing my story however, it also inspired me to start reading Stephen Kings works. I know he’s a very successful author however, I’m still very much behind and where better to start than the first book he published?