About MeFirst and foremost Hello and Welcome to nicolexenia.com.
You’ve come to this page for a reason, so here’s a little about me!

My name is Nicole and I am the owner of this website.
I started nicolexenia.com as a way to keep up the habit of writing. Whether fictional, non-fiction, reflections or experiences – it’s a one stop shop to all the thoughts which scurry around within my head.Β 

I currently work full time for the NHS however, my dream is to write and publish my own books, and be a full-time author and content creator. Essentially the dream is to one day work for myself and be creative in the work that I do!

Outside of writing and content creating I live in the South East of England with my family and my two adorable cats – at nineteen and twenty they’re very much old men but they’re still my babies – let’s be real.Β 

I was born in 1993 and I am English/Greek-Cypriot. Born in London and raised, well, not in London, my family ancestry is pretty much all over the world. We have England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Cyprus and much more. One day I plan to challenge myself to read books based on my parents Ancestry results, which I’m already looking forward to planning.

That’s another thing about me, I love a good plan. A to-do list, a schedule… I never said I was good at sticking to them, but I love creating them.

Alongside writing I love reading, watching movies, playing games, travelling to different places around the world, makeup, cooking and baking. I enjoy in depth discussions. I am also very open to talking about mental health. Please know that I am by no means an expert in any of these areas however, I very much have a passion for them.

I remember when I started nicolexenia.com, everything I researched before starting told me I’m going to need a niche. To be honest, I don’t really have one. Mostly what you’ll get from me is all of the above, and more. Perhaps with time I’ll narrow down my focus, but for now I do hope you find something here you enjoy!

My main aim here is to spread the love, and share my passion for all of these things, and hopefully bring a smile to a few peoples faces throughout their day. If that happens then I consider it mission accomplished.

If you fancy seeing more of me, feel free to follow me!

Twitter: NicoleXenia1993
Instagram: nicolexeniaslibrary
Twitch: NicoleXenia