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The Adventures of Katie Button by Lizzie Koch | Book Review

“Monday mornings are the worst. Monday mornings should be made illegal. (But then Tuesday would be the new Monday which is complicating my thought process)”

This is literally me, pretty much every Sunday night.

The Adventures of Katie Button follows – you guessed it – Katie Button.

Two brothers become the new bosses at her place of work. Jack, she finds charismatic and charming, whereas the other, James, she finds arrogant and aloof.

As she begins dating the charismatic older brother, she dreams of James. James as a highwayman. James as a heroic gladiator and Tudor Lord. James, the man she loves and longs for in her dreams.

My Thoughts

This book is definitely unique.

It’s almost like a a feel-good romantic comedy.

I really liked a lot of the characters. I loved her relationships with the brothers and especially her relationship with her friend Alana.

This book looks like it was published by an independent publishing company, which is great. However, I will say that there are some issues with sentence structure. There were times where what you were reading didn’t quite make sense. Quotations were in the wrong place. There was an instance where a name was not capitalised.

All in all, they’re things I can live with ultimately if I’m enjoying the story, which I did. I bought this book at a local book fair which supported local writers. I didn’t have many expectations going in because I’ve never heard anyone mention the book.

I found Katie very relatable. Some of the things she comes out with are things which I have thought in my own life.

I think that’s why, at times, it made me laugh out loud.

The cover always had me thinking this was a kids book. It isn’t. It almost gives me Attachments by Rainbow Rowell vibes.

I suppose that’s the office romance aspect.

The story itself, it’s obvious where this is going a couple of dreams in but it’s still thoroughly entertaining and I maintain very unique to me. I’m not talking about the romance here either.

In terms of her relationships, I love her relationship with one of the brothers. One of them. It was sweet and adorable, and also frustrating at times.

Her friendship with Alana is one of my favourite things about this book. Perhaps even my favourite thing full stop.

Alana is her colleague at work, but more than that she is her friend and confidant. They turn to each other in times of need, get excited for one another, encourage each other to go for new jobs and promotions. 

Essentially, they are similar to a friendship I have with a friend I work with. We met at work but she’s definitely someone I feel I will be friends with for life. 

I loved their friendship anyway, but there was a scene where our main character Katie had a lot of exciting and confusing life stuff to share and the response was “Pub, lunch?” which essentially confirmed my love for this friendship. Because it just felt so real to me.

In any case, I absolutely loved this story. It’s a feel-good romantic comedy and it certainly lives up to that.

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