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The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson | Book Review

“Our belief is often strongest when it should be weakest. That is the nature of hope”

The Final Empire follows a young girl named Vin and a slightly older, but still young, man named Kesleir.

Vin is a street urchin. She’s learned to live with thieving crews. All her life she’s lived in fear. Fear of crew leaders, to the men in the crew to her brother.

She lives by all sorts of rules. Rules she has learnt in order to survive.

Then she meets Kesleir. A leader of another crew. But this crew isn’t like any other she’s seen and he recruits her for a job.

A job which, if they succeed, could mean riches and quite possibly a new life for Vin.

If they fail, they will face execution.

My Thoughts

This book reminds me of one of my favourite TV Shows, Leverage. Also Hustler.

Like-minded people coming together to use their very specific skills to work towards a common goal.

In order to achieve this they must lie, cheat and steal. They must pull off the ultimate job, con, heist.

This book is about rebellions and justice and hope.

The writing style, personally I found it worked for me. This is my first real foray into “High Fantasy” and while this has some different terminology, it was all understandable and easy to read – even if Sanderson does seem to love the word ‘ostensibly’.

I have trouble conjuring images anyway, so perhaps this is just me but something I will say is that the writing style didn’t offer much imagery.

Some glimpses and snatches here and there, but nothing really tangible.

Like I say, that might just be me.

But even still I absolutely loved it! This book takes place over a period of time and you get to know the characters so well.

What I loved even more is that there was no unnecessary drama. Drama for the sake of trying to cause conflict where it isn’t needed. Don’t get me wrong, tensions are high and hearts are broken – but it’s all necessary. Not once did I roll my eyes because I found a character to be over dramatic.

I found the ending, definitely bittersweet. I think the author gives enough clues and foreshadowing that you see it coming.

But as is the message of this story, you continue to hope that maybe you are wrong.

I honestly cannot wait to carry on with the rest of the books in this series. In the words of Kesleir:

“There is always another secret”

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