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Vicious by V. E. Schwab | Book Review

“When no-one understands, that’s usually a good sign that you’re wrong”

Vicious follows two men – Victor and Eli. College roommates who have curious minds and a newfound fascination with Extraordinary People (E.O’s). People with abilities far beyond the realms of normal.

What started out as research for a thesis turned into something more. What if, under the right conditions, they could create E.O’s, and what if by creating this new life, you lose something in the process?

My Thoughts

I have a lot of thoughts. Primarily that this book is fantastic – for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, while there may be similar books to this in the world, I haven’t read them. So I can confidently say that, I have never read a book like this before in my life.

Something that should be said is that there is no good or evil in this book.. well, from the character’s own perspectives.

Mitchell Turner said it best when he said to young Sydney “There are no good men in this game”.

You have one character who doesn’t care if he kills anyone, and only seems to care if they’re somehow useful. Yet, he’s the one who seems to try and live by some semblance of a moral code, when it comes to innocent bystanders. Then you have a character – another E.O. who is convinced that every other E.O., except himself, should be eradicated; no matter who they are and whether the’ve done anything to deserve it. 

It’s interesting. You have two characters; one who thinks he’s a hero and the other who’s only goal is to seek revenge, and if he saves a few lives along the way – well then, that’s a bonus. 

In part one I couldn’t decide who to place my allegiance with, and I loved it. By part two I’d decided but it normally wouldn’t take so long. 

Every character is morally grey, and it seems to embody the phrase “right thing done for the wrong reasons?”. 

The characters are all unique with their own backstories. Some I liked, some I didn’t and even the ones I hated – I can’t say I empathised with them however, it was interesting to look at from their perspective.


All in all this is a fantastic read which leaves you thinking long after you turn the final page. 

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