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Sirens by Joseph Knox | Book Review

“There should be a a word for it. That phantom limb, reaching out from your chest, towards the thing you’ll never have”

In Sirens we follow Detective Aidan Waits, though to some he’s more known as ‘Disgraced’ Detective Aidan Waits. 

David Rossiter, MP has enlisted Aidan’s help. His daughter, Isabel Rossiter, went missing a month ago. During that time she became involved with a drug trafficking unit. The very same gang the detective is currently monitoring.

My Thoughts

Something that should be said about this book is that no character is wholly good or bad. They are all their own various shades of grey and was enthralled from start to finish.

I had so many theories about each one of the growing unanswered questions and I don’t remember any of them. I got every single one wrong. 

It’s not often that I come across books like that. Usually I can guess something. But this one was tight lipped. Kept its cards close to its chest and then dealt them, blow by damning blow. 

There was even a little cherry on top with an unanswered question, which became an astonishing revelation. One I didn’t expect. One I didn’t even know I should see coming.

This story has so many layers and i think the author does a great job of balancing the numerous plates and plot-lines he spins the whole way through.

Beneath the surface of two simple operations – monitor the girl and flush out the double agent – lies an assortment of twists and turns – none of which you see coming.

This book is dark. It’s gritty. It makes me think of Lemony Snicket’s warning at the beginning of A Series of Unfortunate Events:

“If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other books”

But if you’re interested in the dark and twisted world, then this may just be the book for you. 

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