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Final Girls by Riley Sager | Book Review

“You can’t change what happened. The only thing you can control is how you deal with it”

Final Girls follows a woman named Quincey Carpenter.

Quincey was a normal girl who, one weekend, rented a cottage in the woods with her friends. Pine Cottage. A place which would forever be seared into her memory.

Quincey is the sole survivor of the massacre which took place at the cottage.

That night, Quincey became a Final Girl. A label given by journalists to women who are sole survivors.

There are three. Three separate traumas which created three separate Final Girls. Only now, one of them has died and the circumstances are suspicious.

My Thoughts

I liked this book, for the most part.

The pacing was good, the second half for me was decidedly more addictive.

We follow Quincey as she tries to live a normal life as a blogger with a love for baking, and her partner Jeff.

But then Lisa Milner is found dead. It looks like suicide. The first Final Girl. But could she have taken her own life? These are the questions we ask ourselves.

Then the second Final Girl, Sam, shows up on Quincey’s doorstep and starts asking questions. Asking about the night at Pine Cottage.

Let’s start with the characters:

I thought that each of them were will written and well-rounded. Each of them had their own motivations which were interesting and believable.

I suppose what you can take away from this reading experience, is question everything. I normally do and I did here. Sometimes I was on the cusp but just off the mark.

In one instance I was way off the mark, and it surprised me. Which was good. Unfortunately, for me it also didn’t make sense.

It feels like a random person was just plucked from the story and decided that they would be the answer to the mystery. It felt like it was a ploy used for shock value. I would have been happy if we had gotten to see a new side to this character in the aftermath of finding out. I feel like it could have been really creepy and sinister and shocking. However, it felt like a cop-out and a missed opportunity. I felt like I wanted more.

I think overall it was an enjoyable read and there were other aspects I thought were really well thought out and surprising. All in all I’m very glad I read it.


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