There’s part of me which feels like, as I’ve only been doing this since the beginning of January, I can’t state this is a staple part of my week.

On the other hand, if I want to do a post I should definitely write it now in case I inadvertently stop somewhere down the line.

I will say, that taking time out to do a day or afternoon like this has been brilliant and I’ve loved it.

It’ll usually be a Sunday however, last week it was a Monday as I was up watching the Super Bowl Sunday night to Monday morning, but this is some variation of my Sundays since January.


The mornings I’ll be asleep, I’m working on it but let’s be real I enjoy my sleep. If I’m meeting friends, depending on the time I’ll usually get up and get ready. This has included going to the cinema to watch a movie, or going out to breakfast. 

Of course, some days you just want to cosy up at home and not leave the house, which I have done. However, it’s also nice to catch up with people. Whether that be chilling out and watching a movie, or going out for brunch or a warm beverage of your choice – personally I’m not a coffee or tea drinker, but whatever your preference. 

Heck, go bowling if it takes your fancy. The day is about doing whatever it is you enjoy doing. 

Mind + Body

This Sunday I’m going to the gym with a friend. I’ve been wondering how to incorporate workouts into these days so this was perfect, especially as the friend I’m going with wants to make it routine. 

Something else I’d like to incorporate is meditation. I’ve only tried this a few times. 

The first time I tried it within seconds of opening my eyes, all relaxed, focused and serene, my sister rang the doorbell. But not like a normal person. My doorbell sounds like one of those old fashioned ‘BRRRIIINNNGGG’ (I could not think of another way to describe it at this moment) and to this day I swear she was playing Jingle Bells or something. 

Food + Drink

For food I’ve enjoyed cooking some easy dishes, as I’m not usually up for cooking after work on a week day.

I’ve also liked the Green and Blacks chocolate, plus some houmous with veg sticks and some fruit throughout the day. Breakfast is usually strawberries and apple with a croissant. Probably not the most healthy of things but I enjoy it nonetheless and I’m working on it. 

One thing which I’ve been getting into on a daily basis is drinking more water. Sure, I usually drink water. Although admittedly there were some days where I’d get to the end of the weekend and genuinely question what I’d had to drink. Water at work was fine, it was the weekends. So, water! Cannot emphasise enough. 

Hair + Skin

So, Sunday’s are where I like to deep condition my hair. My hair is normally pretty good so a deep condition on a Sunday is good with me. 

On these days I like to use my face masks as well. So I asked a friend what kind of things to try – for another day but I’ve incorporated it – and now I have eye sheet masks, these nose strip things (for which I still have no idea what they actually do), sheet mask, matcha mud mask (that one was my idea ’cause I heard matcha was good for the skin), face exfoliator, cleanser, hand and feet stuff. Honestly I go all out on these afternoons. That’s partially because my weeks are so busy that all I want to do when I come home from work is either see people or crash. There is no in-between. 


Literally whatever you fancy. Do you want to watch your favourite YouTuber’s recently uploaded video? Do it.

Your favourite movie or TV show which you’ve watched a thousand times? Why not?

A new thing you keep meaning to check out? Read a blog post? A favourite book? A new book? A podcast? Music? A magazine? The football? 

Whatever it is you enjoy, just do it. The day is yours. 


A little productivity doesn’t hurt, right? Plus it actually does make you feel pretty good, so it’s a win-win.

This could include some light cleaning. For me it it also includes, maybe writing a blog post. Or writing some of my main story. Writing a short story / flash fiction / writing prompt. Research. I believe this weekend it will include packing as I’m headed for Newcastle for work on Monday. 

Whatever it is that makes you think “I’m glad I did that today” then that’s what do you. 


I’ve been loving my new planner so at the end of the week is usually when I’ll set this up. What do I know that I have going on this week? Is there anything in particular I want to do or any mini goals I want to achieve? Is there anything I can do which will make progress towards a bigger goal? 

I’m finding this a lot of fun and gives me a focus for the week ahead, which I love.


Admittedly that’s pretty much it for me. 

I can’t say I go all out on these days, well but I suppose it depends on how you define that.

For me these days are just for me to chill out before I have to go back to work and re-start a what’ll probably be a hectic week and refocus on what I want to do and achieve. 

I think this is good for mental health as well. I can understand that some people may be filled with anxiety at the thought of taking a day or afternoon out to focus on themselves, with everything else they need to get done – trust me. However, if you don’t take time for yourself you risk burning out, and if you burn out or you internalise your exhaustion or you keep everything bottled inside to the point your mind is spinning – you’ll be worse off in the long run.

It’s much better to take time out to breathe when you have the chance, and be mindful of that time. Sure, sitting in front of a laptop or tv and zoning out is sometimes what you need, but sometimes you need to really make the most of the time you have with yourself and be mindful of that time your taking. I’ve found that, while the weekend still goes too quickly, it doesn’t quite flash by in the same way. 

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