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Drinks On Me (Writing Prompt)

Drinks On Me

Writing Prompt: Fireman / Security Guard / End of an Era / London / Fluffy Toy

“Cheers to you” one man said to the other, holding out his shot glass in expectation.

“And to you” the other man said, as they knocked them against each other.

It was Friday night. They stood at the bar of their local pub, which was busy and loud. The sound of glasses coming together, raucous laughter and snippets of stories, for which you will hear neither the beginning or end, could be heard in the background.

The first man grimaced as he brought the glass to his lips and swallowed “I’m not the one who went and got another job” he said, signalling to the bar staff to order them both a beer.

The second man laughed “Oh, here we go again”

“I still can’t believe you’re leaving me”

“Is this the second or third time we’ve had this conversation now?”

“Fourth, and it’s your last day so suck it up. You go ahead and achieve your Fireman Sam dreams while I stay here and keep watch over all the shops that are just waiting for some thief or some emergency that requires the skill and finesse of an excellent security guard. Someone’s gotta do it”

“I did it for ten years”

“Started on the same day. We were young but we were ambitious”

“We were broke”

“You and me, we had a drive to be better than all the other security guards at Eastlands Shopping Centre”

“So we could be less broke”

“And eventually, become Head of Security”

The second man nodded “It was a good plan”

“It was a great plan, but now you’ve gone and cocked it all up”

“You carry on with the plan. A newbie will be starting soon, let them in on the plan”

He considered that for a moment “It wouldn’t be the same”

“Then make a new plan”

“Plans don’t just appear out of nowhere. They take time, innovation and discipline”

“We formed ours on a half hour break over Nando’s”

“And a bloody good Nando’s it was” he reminisced.

The second man shrugged “It’s my dream, man. All I’ve ever wanted”

The first man nodded “I know, and I know how hard you’ve worked. Got all your qualifications, passed the fitness test, the medical check and even the enhanced background check. Bravo on that one. I’m happy for you. I’m just going to miss working with you”

“Me too, but we’ll still hang out. I could drop by work, give you a real chase for once”

“Now that I would love to see”

“So, are you planning to tell me what’s in the bag?” the second man asked, nodding to the worn supermarket bag by his feet.

“Some chick tried to steal a Donald Duck stuffed bear earlier today”

“So you stole it before she could?”

“Hilarious. No, I detained her but went to the store and bought another one” he said, holding out the bag to his friend “That’s the one my Godchild likes, isn’t it?”

The second man grinned “It is indeed, speaking of which I’d best be getting home”

“Same here, man. Congratulations again” he said, holding out for a handshake.

The second man looked at him with open arms. After a brief but firm hug they pulled back and he said “Same time next Friday?”

“I’ll be here” he replied, as they walked out.

“Of course you will, drinks are on me”

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