Blogmas 2019 Book Review

The Big Sleep – Raymond Chandler

For a book called “The Big Sleep” this has a lot happening and it’s a struggle to figure out where to start.

I suppose we’ll start off with Phillip Marlowe, the private detective with questionable morals yet stone principles.

It started out relatively simple.
General Sternwood had one request: Find the person who is blackmailing me. What we get is a world of multiple secrets, missing persons and murder. Not to mention General Sternwood’s daughters, one serious and the other wild – both mixed up in the whole thing.

I did very much enjoy this book. I don’t feel like it takes itself too seriously, or perhaps I chose not to take it too seriously?

While reading this I imagined a monochrome setting, you have the classic anti-hero private detective, femme fatales, gangsters, guns, money, violence and of course every character must be smoking at virtually all times.

I saw this in very much a noir setting. Or I should say, have you ever watched a TV show where they randomly decide to do a noir-type episode? That is what I envisioned.

This isn’t a heart-pounding thriller or a book where you absolutely must keep turning the page to figure out who’s behind the whole thing. For me this was fun, a little cheesy and perfect for a Sunday afternoon read.

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