By Nicole X Allen


I’m trying to find the words to say
How much you meant to me
The day we met you became
Part of our family

I know that now you’re gone
But I promise nothing’s changed
The only difference is that
I miss you every day

I miss your happy face
As I walk through the door
You had a special spark
That no one could ignore

Even at the end
You were so filled with love
Looking up at us with eyes
Of adoration and trust

Letting go of you
Is still something I can’t do
I know you were in pain
But my heart breaks every day

I wish you could still be here
Like you’ve always been with me
Through the good times and the bad
Through my twenties and my teens

You had such a kind and caring soul
That leaves a hole now you’re not here
Every day I want to hold you
Every day I want you near

I hope you know how you were loved
By everyone you met
From the neighbours to the postman
By all our family and friends

Thank you for everything, Abbie
I miss you ❤️

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