Blogmas 2019

Maybe We’ll Have Some Pumpkin Pie

I’m not sure if this is a solely American thing, but I feel like the whole pumpkin thing is coming over to the UK.

I’ve never had pumpkin or pumpkin spiced anything, although I did come across Pumpkin Spiced Almond Butter in my local supermarket recently.

I am somewhat curious to try it.

But I feel like Pumpkin Pie is a staple at Christmas in a lot of homes. It got me thinking about the staples in a lot of people’s homes that they have to have every year and decided to write down my Top 10 favourites.

Not-so-honourable mention: Brussel Sprouts.
The only reason these exist in our home at Christmas is because of my mother. That is all.

10. Picnic Food

We tend to have picnic food on Christmas Eve rather than have anyone cook. I’m not sure when it started but now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. 

9. Snacks

Chocolate, nuts, crisps etc, football cheese balls. It’s Christmas, people are constantly over during December so it’s good to have stock of a few things to put out for company.

8. Vegetables

I know, not the most exciting but they really do add to the Christmas dinner. Just not the Brussels Sprouts, those are not welcome. 

7. Parsnips

I know these could go in with the category above but honestly I feel like they should have a special mention all on their own.

6. After Eights

At some point, much after Christmas Dinner we might break these out. It’s definitely a staple.

5. Turkey

We have a turkey in our house, you might have something else but for us this is it and it’s the centrepiece of the whole meal.

4. Roast Potatoes

Need I say more?

3. Piccalilli Sauce

This is amazing to go in a boxing day sandwich with turkey and stuffing. 

2. Pigs in Blankets

Honestly delicious, is it Christmas without these things?

1. Stuffing

The best part of a Christmas dinner. Hands down, case closed, no questions asked. 

I’m always curious as to what other peoples staples are because each household is so different and have different traditions. If you’re reading and you fancy letting me know some of your Christmas staples, feel free!

Whatever you’re doing or cooking on the day, I hope you enjoy!

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