Blogmas 2019

It’s the right time, to Rock the Night Away

Tonight is the night of my Christmas Work-Do however, unfortunately I can’t attend as I’m currently unwell.

For some, this happened late November and others it’s upcoming. My last place of work had their Christmas Do’s in July… work that one out!

I always thoroughly enjoy going out with my work colleagues, but I suppose it depends on where you work. 

You might go out for a meal, or perhaps some drinks. You might do any number of things, but it’s always fun seeing the people you work with outside the professional environment. Everyone relaxes and you get to really meet the person behind the work persona.

But perhaps you don’t work, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good night out. You could go to the pub with some friends. If a club is your thing, that’s a possibility. Or hang out at a friends house. It isn’t usually about the location but it’s always about the people. 

Good people, good food, a few drinks and maybe some music or some other form of entertainment. 

And it can be anything catered to what you enjoy doing. If clubbing isn’t your thing, have a movie night. Have a girls night or a guys night. Go out for a meal. Do whatever you want to celebrate with the people you love. 

Embrace this time of year and take any excuse to celebrate, because life is short so why not make the most of it?

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