Everyone has their own traditions when it comes to Christmas.

Who puts the star or angel at the top of the tree, who cuts the turkey, whether to open gifts before or after Christmas Dinner.

One of ours is when we put up our Christmas decorations. The first Saturday of December.

I’m not sure why but it’s what we’ve always done. Most likely because of working schedules and a Saturday just makes more sense.

I do love when all the decorations go up. Our living room is painted Red and White so it makes everything feel even more festive. Santa Clauses in each corner. Lights everywhere. Carollers by the fire place.

The ultimate feeling of cosiness.

It’s usually my parents who put the Christmas decorations up. Me and my sister try however, usually we end up cooking dinner or just being around to help move boxes. However, I enjoy watching the transformation. Sometimes we’ll watch a Christmas movie or perhaps listen to some festive music.

It’s always been a tradition that mum decorates the tree, and to be fair it looks incredible every year. But even without decorating the tree, decorating the house for Christmas is such a fun family day.

When it’s all done and dusted it leaves you with such a warm and cozy feeling. A feeling which only means one thing.

Christmas is officially on the way.

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  1. It’s mostly been our tradition too, but our tree still isn’t up this year. Hopefully this weekend! You’re right though – nothing like the Christmas decorations to give you that feeling that Christmas is definitely on the way!

  2. Ahh, it’s such a lot of work! The end result is always worth it, but takes pretty much a whole day!
    Definitely! For me it’s Christmas when two things happen: The decorations are up and I see that Santa Coca Cola advert ?

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