… is books.

However, instead of focusing on the materialistic, today I’m going to share 15 ideas of things to do throughout December. We might want the latest iPhone, a new eyeshadow palette or perhaps you’re voucher person who likes to choose what they’d purchase. However, this list isn’t a gift guide / gift ideas list. I’ve already done one of those a couple of years ago.

This list is 15 feel-good ideas for the Christmas-winter months.

  1. Attend a local Christmas market / event

    The town where I live holds a Christmas market / event every year.
    Not only is it a market but the shops in that area are open for late night shopping, there’s food and drink, live music and entertainment and it’s an all around fun and festive time. They usually do a lights show which is always stunning to watch. If you have something like that in your local town (and you might without knowing it!) head down there with some friends or family and enjoy yourself!

  2. Bake Gingerbread People / a Gingerbread House

    I’ve never made Gingerbread anything, and admittedly it is something I want to experience.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’d be any good at it. Any house I made would crumble to pieces. However, it just seems like so much fun and something on my bucket list for Christmas one year.

  3. Make a Hot Chocolate with all the trimmings

    Let me set the scene. It’s winter, the house is just slightly cold. Not uncomfortably however, enough that you fancy being wrapped up warm in a blanket and fluffy socks. A hot chocolate in hand, with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and perhaps a little gingerbread syrup to give it a Christmas kick. Book in hand or your favourite movie on the TV and, if you’re very lucky, it might even be raining on the outside.

  4. Spend the whole day reading

    When was the last time you spent the whole day reading?
    No, we’re not talking about me we’re talking about you.
    When was the last time you were totally absorbed in a book to the point you had to finish it that day?
    It’s one of the best things, in my opinion, to be totally enthralled in what you’re reading. To spend the whole day reading is a luxury, but if it’s a luxury you can afford I would highly recommend.
    Even better, plan yourself a Christmas Read-a-thon! (AKA books themed around Christmas, or even books which make you feel warm and cosy. Either way it’s a good time).

  5. Spend time with friends and family

    I know what you’re thinking. It’s Christmas and December is a month of doing nothing but seeing friends and family!
    I hear you, but when you’re spending time with your loved ones make sure you’re totally present. Don’t always be on your phone (and that’s coming from me!), don’t be thinking of this other thing you just have to do because it’s urgent and absolutely life or death. Unless of course it’s literally life or death. One of the things I think we regret most in life is taking the people around us for granted. Taking for granted that they will always be there. There will always be another Christmas, another time to ask them about their childhood or hearing that funny story they just love to tell. These are the things you miss because nothing in life is guaranteed. And when all is said and done, you’d give anything to celebrate with them again.

  6. Make my own advent calendar

    I’ve always been quite taken with the idea of making my own advent calendar. However, instead of filling it with some sort of confectionary or novelty item, I like the idea of filling it with ideas to do for that day. Whether that be, go to the bookshop and spend a few hours browsing their titles. Spend a day reading. Have a bath with some lush products and relax. Go to another town for the day. Go to a museum. Watch your favourite movie. From simple to extravagant and everything in-between.

  7. Christmassy Weekend with festive movies, movies, baked goods, warm drinks, books and video games.Β 

    For me this would also involve watching Dan and Phil play Undertale. Don’t ask me why. I think it has winter / christmas themes. I think at a couple of points they played it around Christmas. And I think I watched it for the first time around Christmas. So it definitely gives me those vibes.
    You could do this on your own or with friends, either way you’ll have one hell of a time.

  8. Go to Winter Wonderland

    In London every year Hyde Park do something called Winter Wonderland. I’ve heard about it, I’ve read on their website about it and I’ve seen a ton of vlogs about it however, I’ve never actually been myself. Some people say it’s overrated however, I’ve always wanted to go. I’m not sure if I’ll make it this year – I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on, but hopefully one year.

  9. Go for a Winter Walk

    Preferably not when it’s raining, and not when it’s dark. But a walk around a park or somewhere in your local town whilst wrapped up warm, maybe with some music or an audiobook.

  10. Go for a Winter Drive

    If a Winter Walk really isn’t your thing, how about driving around with the heating on and Christmas music blaring from the speakers.

  11. Neighbourhood Christmas Lights

    You might have neighbours, or people in your neighbourhood, who go all out around Christmas. These people will usually have incredible Christmas lights and decoration. Now, I believe this is more-so in America however, driving around looking at beautiful decoration and twinkly Christmas lights sounds like a rather relaxing hour or so.

  12. Go to the Cinema

    Why not? Personally I love movies and I love going to the cinema. It’s a couple of hours you can spend with yourself, friends or family watching a highly anticipated movie that you can enjoy together.

  13. Go to the Theatre

    I remember going to the pantomime every year as a kid and I absolutely loved it.
    As an adult I suppose the somewhat equivalent might be going to the theatre, and sometimes they have some amazing shows! From Wicked to Mamma Mia! Or perhaps Swan Lake? One of my favourite movies growing up was based on Swan Lake, me and my mum went to see it. It was fantastic and we had a great time. But you could see anything that takes your fancy. It’s a bit different and a memory to last a lifetime.

  14. Organise a breakfast or brunch with friends

    I hate waking up early. However, one of my favourite things to do is meet up with friends for breakfast or lunch. I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps it’s the novelty because we don’t do it very often, or just the sense of starting off the day in a fun and different way. If your evening plans are getting a bit full, or you want to see someone but fancy a change of pace, I would highly recommend.

  15. Go Bowling

    Similar to the cinema idea, you can go with friends or family and you’re making memories! What’s not to love?

So that’s it! Those are my 15 ideas of fun or relaxing things to do around December and the winter months. It’s a stressful time but it’s also a beautiful time of year too, so let’s not forget that.

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  1. I hope you get to do all of these! The advent calendar idea sounds really fun.

    1. Thank you so much!
      Definitely my aim for December & I’m glad you like the advent calendar idea! πŸ™‚

  2. An entire day reading????? Heck yeah~~~

    1. Right??!
      Honestly one of my favourite things! ??

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