Blogmas 2019

Dashing through the snow…

I’m not sure about you, but here where I live in the UK we don’t get snow around Christmas.

We usually get snow around April. I always loved Snow Days as a kid. Gathering around in your parents room, hoping to hear the name of your school read out on the radio as “Closed” for the day.

College had snow days too, they just weren’t as forthcoming with the information.

I’m having a good time reminiscing. Although in most places we may not be dashing through the snow, we’re probably already dashing to the shops (or perhaps some online retailers of choice).

As wonderful as Christmas is, there is no denying how much stress people put themselves under every year. While I’m reminiscing I may as well think back to being a child and hearing my mum stress about Christmas. My child-like mind wondered why, Christmas is exciting and wonderful, what about it could possibly be stressful?

Christmas is still exciting and wonderful. While I still don’t have half the stress my parents do each year, I of course understand more now at 26.

I want everyone to remember to take some time out for themselves this month. Whether that be a couple of weekends to spend with yourself. A day a week. An hour a day. Whatever you can manage in your hectic schedule. But make sure it’s time spent not planning your Christmas shopping. Not worrying about the amount of work you need to finish before the Christmas holidays. Not thinking about the amount of people / customers / work you will be dealing with over the festive period.

Just you.

Do whatever you want.

Watch some Christmas movies, or your favourite movie of all time. Read a book, or your favourite book, or your favourite series. Have a bath or shower and pamper yourself afterwards. Meditate. Go to therapy if you feel you might need it. Like I say, this time of year is difficult for a lot of people. Play some video games. 

Also, perhaps think about spending this time away from your phone. Of course if being without it would cause you to worry more, then don’t do it. However, some time spent disconnected might just do some good.

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