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House of Silk – Anthony Horowitz

“I think my reputation will look after itself,” Holmes said. “If they hang me, Watson, I shall leave it to you to persuade your readers that the whole thing was a misunderstanding.”

First and foremost, this is certainly considerably darker than anything I’ve read from Anthony Horowitz.

I should probably also state for the record that I’ve not yet read anything by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, including Sherlock Holmes. Of course I’m familiar with the great detective, although only through adaptations which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

The House of Silk follows Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Watson informs the reader that this case is not one he can publish in his own time. It’s a time of unrest and fragility in society as it is, and so he instructs that his words be kept in a safe deposit box to publish in a hundred years. Perhaps then the world will be stronger and more prepared to hear the tale.

It’s quiet at 221B until a stranger arrives requesting help from the detective. He believes a man is following him, he believes the man wishes to harm him, perhaps kill him.

Watson and Sherlock take on the case and are captured in a web of criminals and politics. Though the difference is minimal and the innocent have yet to show their true face.

I love Horowitz’s writing style. It’s like he’s given you a puzzle and you’re given all the pieces to fit together. However, Horowitz keeps a piece for himself which, when placed on the board, the fog clears, the picture is perfect and it completely blows you away.

I said at the beginning that I hadn’t read any of the original Sherlock Holmes series. While some who have may not appreciate this as much I think, if nothing else, it’s perhaps a great way to introduce more people to the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Myself personally, I’d always said I’d get around to it however, never made any solid plans. After reading this I’d like to remedy that as soon as possible.

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