I must say, that’s one way to grab a girls attention!

This is my first read by Steve Cavanagh and, if Thirteen is anything to go by, it most certainly won’t be my last.

Thirteen follows two perspectives. First we follow Kane.

Without giving too much away (although the line on the cover does a pretty good job of that itself!), Kane is a man who will stop at nothing to ensure someone else pays for his crimes. The lengths Kane goes to are exceptional, unimaginable and completely addictive.

The second perspective we follow is Eddie Flynn.

Although Thirteen is the fourth book in the Eddie Flynn series, it’s the first I’ve read myself.

Eddie Flynn is a lawyer who fights for the little guy. In this case, the little guy happens to be a big shot movie star, Robert Solomon. Yet Eddie finds himself compelled to take the case. However, with Kane on the jury pulling all sorts of strings, a prosecutor who has never lost a case and and a grieving public demanding retribution, the only likely verdict is Guilty.

I very much liked Eddie’s character. For a time I also liked Kane’s character. They were both interesting in very different ways. Both character backgrounds were surprising yet understandable, both characters had a mark of determination and wit about them, and yet their was a distinct contrast between them, which I think complimented the story quite well.

Here’s the thing. You think you know everything going into this book, you think you know every outcome. You have this guy sussed.

I’m here to tell you, no. That is not the case. Steve Cavanagh keeps you guessing, enthralled and on the edge of your seat from the word Go, right up until the very end.

This book is legal courtroom with an element of Criminal Minds and that combination is my match made in heaven.

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