I was debating on posting this to my BookTube Channel but I thought I’d post it on here, because I want to start talking about writing more and I think starting here would be a good place.

There are six books I want to read in 2018, which focus specifically on writing.

1. On Writing by Stephen King

2. How Not to Write a Novel by Sandra Newman and Howard Mittelmark

3. Get Started in Writing Young Adult Fiction by Juliet Mushens

4. Creative Writing Course by Julia Bell

5. World Building Guide and Workbook by TG Franklin

6. Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction

7. The Writers Way

Plus another six which, while they’re not writing books they’re ones which I hope will help authenticate the feel of the world I’m trying to create.

1. Witchcraft – A History by Susan Greenwood

2. Werewolves by Konstantinos

3. The Real Witches Handbook by Kate West

4. Vampires by Aubrey Sherman

5. 50 Philosophy Ideas by Ben Derpe

6. The Wiccan Rede by Mark Ventimiglia

These are the books I currently own however, there are also books on dragons, fae and the Bermuda Triangle which I really want to explore.

I know that, in a world of my own, I can technically create any world I want and I love that. However, I’d also really love for what I write to have some background and basis, hopefully then it will highlight some limitations. Plus, I hope it’ll make the fictional world feel a little more real.

I’m thinking that once I’ve read these I’d like to post my thoughts, feelings and what I’ve learned from reading them.

Do you enjoy writing? What books would you recommend?

In 2018 I really want to focus on writing. I say this every year and every year I genuinely mean it. I feel myself getting closer and closer and I want to spend more time further developing my skills and, who knows, perhaps this time next year I’ll have an tangible first draft under my belt (or, at least a few short stories!)

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