I’m sorry to disappoint some of you already, but none of these treats include sweets or chocolate.

These ‘treats’ are of a different variety. The idea is that each day you pick out a fun idea or activity that you can do that particular day.

You could do an adult version or a kids version. A male version or a female version. For the kids version you could ask them to complete a creative challenge to ‘earn’ their chocolate for the day.

Or, if you’re making one for someone else, you could personalise it to them! It’s such an interesting idea and something I’ll definitely think about next year! They don’t have to be expensive. The one below is one personalised to me and things that I would like to take 30 minutes out to do each day.

1. Write your Christmas Wish List

2. Decorate the Christmas Tree (or as I’ll probably still be living at home, decorate something!)

3. Have a bath and read a book

4. At home facial – for example if you have one lying around or recipes for ones with ingredients around the home?

5. Manicure and Pedicure

6. Outline and write 500 words of a Christmassy Short Story

7. Have a sing-a-long to Christmas Songs

8. Bake Gingerbread Men (or other cookies) and decorate festively

9. Cook a warming winter meal for the family

10. Make a really nice hot chocolate with all the trimmings (Hot chocolate, milk, marshmallows, cream, chocolate shavings and candy cane) and watch a Christmas Movie

11. Write 500 more words to the Christmassy Short Story

12. Take a long lunch break / leave work early and browse the bookshop

13. Take a walk around the neighbourhood and take in the sights of Christmas Lights

14. Read a Christmassy Book or Short Story

15. Have a 24 Hour Read-a-Thon

16. Try Yoga

17. Go to the Gym (I’m already regretting putting this on the list a year in advance, but sometimes it’s just good for you)

18. Wash and Tumble Dry PJs and Bed Sheets, snuggle in and watch Christmas Movies

19. Try Meditation

20. Write a Christmas Song

21. Do something creative!

22. Donate to those in need

23. Write out your New Years Resolutions or think on what you would like to improve in the New Year.

24. Read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

25. Let your friends and family know how much you love them

This doesn’t include seeing friends or family purely because everyone is so busy around this time of year that there’s a good chance you’ll arrange to meet another day. So make sure they’re things you can easily do on the day.

Write them out and fold them up. Then put them in randomly and you don’t know which ones will pop up when. It sounds like such a fun idea and I think could work for absolutely anyone.

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