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My Thoughts on Blogmas So Far… | Blogmas 2017 #14

I want to preface this by saying, Blogmas is a lot of fun.

This is my second year blogging every day during the month of December. It makes you more creative and forces you to sit down and write something every single day.

I have blogged every day so far, and I’m actually rather proud of the content I’ve put out. However, it’s now 14th December and I’m struggling.

Yes, people plan way in advance and that’s great. There are lots of ideas for Blogmas posts however, as this is my second year I’d made the decision that I didn’t want to repeat posts.

For example, I’m happy to put out a ‘Stocking Gift Ideas’ because there’s always new products to write about and new ideas however, ‘Favourite Christmas Songs’ or ‘Favourite Christmas Movies’ rarely change. Without any changes I’m putting out the exact same content, perhaps worded slightly differently.

I have enjoyed myself so far, it’s allowed me to get creative. I wrote a poem earlier this month. My first ever poem (that was intended to be that). It probably isn’t that good, but I’m proud of it.

However, I was thinking earlier today that, I’m struggling for new ideas. I’ve got a couple of Christmas outings (one of them tonight) and while I did plan in advance there are certain posts that I’ve scrapped and so I’m left short. This wouldn’t normally bother me, and it wouldn’t bother me if I had the whole morning to come up with a new idea and then some time in the afternoon to write it out.

That’s not how it works though. So from around 6:30pm when I get home I’m scouring my brain (and the internet) for inspiration so that I can come up with an idea. If not unique entirely then at least unique to me. Then I start writing around 8:30pm and it’s a mad dash to upload before midnight.

I have to wonder, does that decrease the quality of my content? (Don’t even get me started on pictures!) I’m not saying my content is top quality, not at all! However, is it to the best of my ability? It is during that moment, that hasn’t changed and it never will. It is a concern I had earlier today.

This post isn’t that festive, it isn’t that Christmassy. Please don’t get me wrong, I am having a lot of fun this month! I only worry that next year, or the year after that, I look back and wonder what on Earth I was thinking? Because if I’m doing that then then you guys are doing that now.

I will see this through for the rest of December. Tomorrow should be interesting as I’m out again in the evening, and I don’t see myself getting another epiphany during the work day (sadly).

However, I hope you’re all having a wonderful Blogmas and December.

Let me know your thoughts on this! Whether you see where I’m coming from or if I’m just a weird one (which, to be fair, has not been disproven).

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. I know what you mean! This is my first time this year and I thought it would be really easy. But now I’ve scrapped some posts because I’ve seen so many people doing that exact post already, and I’m struggling to fill all the days. I’ve decided that a couple of them might just be outings that I’m doing or things that I’d really like to share with my readers. Not traditionally Christmassy, but they’re current and original which I think makes it ok. The main thing is that it should be fun and I don’t want it to become something that is stressing me out. Hope that helps a bit?

    1. That’s a really good idea! I don’t think I’m going anywhere, except the work-do tonight ? I’ve got a couple of meet ups with friends at the pub or for a meal…. including potentially a Christmas Girls Day in the works. OK I may have an idea for a little later in the month ?
      You are awesome!

      Completely agree, it should be fun! Glad I’m not alone in my thoughts! ☺️

      1. Yay, glad it helped with a new idea! Have fun and enjoy the rest of December! I took my own advice and blogged about where I went last night for today’s post, instead of anything specifically Christmassy!

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