When I think of Christmas I see Red, White and Green.
These represent lots, but for me just one thing.
Some might see santa, mistletoe or snow.
But for me, those colours represent home

Red and white walls, santa in all corners
The Christmas tree in front, decorated by mother
The twinkling lights, perfect placement of ornaments
A centre piece to all our December moments

Fireplace roaring, the animals keep warm
A movie on TV, a compromise sure
So here’s the first thing I love, when I think about Christmas
The time I spend with family, snuggled up in the living room.

There are moments I panic about finding a gift
What to get for a friend, who claims to want nothing?
Quite the conundrum already, but you guarantee they’ll see
You won’t be deterred so easily

You won’t be put off by polite claims, or dismayed
They’ll see a gift from you to open Christmas Eve Eve
They’ll see you won’t be put off by undecided words
They’ll see a gift picked just for them, as only you could

Our friends are there, through the good and the bad
To be without them, I couldn’t imagine

This may sound odd, perhaps a little far fetched
But personally I love the chill in the air
The fresh scent of ice, and the wind in my hair
(though I could do without the rain, and the knots that stay there)

I love the festive cheer and the smiles everywhere
As children believe that Saint Nick will be there
All jovial and jolly, the pubs overrun
As many go out in search of some fun

Although town is crowded, packed in as we’ve seen
It’s nice to see families out laughing with glee
The twinkling lights that shine through the night
As you make your way back from that last minute fright

A card is a card, just some paper with words
But for some it can mean more than you know
The care and the thought into writing that card
Could mean the world, and really isn’t that hard

We hear Christmas music, year in and year out
Yet never get tired of the same old ballads
We sing and we shout at the top of our lungs
Secure in the knowledge, we’re not the only ones

I love Christmas movies, the message they send
You never get bored, over and over again
Sometimes a compromise must be made
“but Die Hard takes place near Christmas Day”
(and just FYI that makes it OK)

“You talk about Christmas, but don’t mention gifts
Do you not love the joy that they bring?”
While not most important, that I must insist
The opening of gifts, I cannot resist

To give and receive are both exciting and wondrous
The feelings they give are oh so infectious

Lastly the feeling, we’ve mentioned before
The feeling of calm, way before the storm
It’s a feeling that really cannot be described
By words or by song, or merriment or high

It’s a feeling we feel, down way in our gut
As we wait and we wait for Christmas morning to come

I want to put it out there, this was meant to be a list. I’m not sure how it ended up like this. This is new.

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