I had some pretty high expectations in 2016. What was I thinking? (Probably that I wouldn’t review this and just forget about its existence. Suddenly I wish I had).

There is clearly a reason I called this my ‘Ideal Morning Routine‘, because in reality it was never going to happen.

Let’s start with the obvious: Wake up at 5:30am. 
EXCUSE ME 23 year old me, do you not know us? Yes, I understand this is aspirational but I also would have appreciated achievable!

These goals sound good on the face of it. Exercise, yoga, 500 words, breakfast.. wait, that last one is probably standard for most people. But not for me!

I suppose that was the whole point of this, but I’ve basically set myself up for failure. 

I said in my 2017 Goals Review post that I should probably focus more on my evening routine (she says whilst writing this at 11pm). For some reason I can’t fall asleep, so I’m awake until the early hours of the morning, and sometimes question whether I’ve slept at all.

It isn’t healthy, I know that. It’s also starting to take its toll. So, here’s an evening schedule that’s hopefully achievable. I’m not going to put times, and I’ll be flexible this time. Here are some things I would like to improve upon:

Turn off electronics and stay offline from a certain time.
Once everything is turned off and alarms are set, shower. (Do not shower before going offline). 
Dry hair.
Facial cleanse & moisturise.
Make a Green Tea or Chamomile Tea.
Get a full 8 hours sleep (perhaps increase or attempt to start the routine earlier if still tired the next day).

Hopefully I can implement these goals over the year and that they’re more achievable than my regimented morning routine from last year.

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