Intro to Blogmas | Blogmas 2017

I’m taking a risk.
I’m taking a big risk.
To you, this is not a risk but to me it is. 

Last year I did 25 Days of Christmas (aka Blogmas) and afterwards I was so burned out. I didn’t upload for about three months and it took even longer to resemble anything consistent. 


I want to do it again.

I can’t deny that it was a lot of fun. It made me more consistent (for a month at least). Plus, I need to prove to myself that i can continue in January. Plus, it really gets the creative juices flowing trying to think of a new idea every day for a month. It’s exciting. I’ll still be uploading Book Reviews on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with additional Christmassy content. Today being the exception however, the review will go up tomorrow instead.

So, we’re in December again. It’s terrifying, the years are passing by so quickly that I can barely keep up. Didn’t we just celebrate New Years?? It feels not that long ago I rang in the new year with my friends and broke my phone. That was about an hour before the countdown, so we’ll keep that as part of 2016 thank you very much!

Nevertheless, it’s December again and so it’s that time of year for planning, decorating and depleting our wallets.. ahem!.. I mean…

OK, let’s be real. It absolutely can revolve around those things but only because they’re part of the parcel and enjoyable. It’s fun to pick out the perfect gift for your family and friends. To see their face light up if you’ve picked something they actually love. It’s fun to decorate the house with the family, have good food with great company. Its also so much fun to plan… well, that last one might just be me. I would happily plan a Christmas party for my friends every year if I had my own place. It’s also the time of year for Christmas music, movies and busting out the old school board games.

Something else Christmas time brings out in all of us is giving back. Whether it’s volunteering, giving that bit extra charity in donations or collection boxes, or even purchasing that annual Christmas charity single. Around this time of year we surround ourselves with family, friends and the people we love most. We stop to appreciate how fortunate we are that we’re able to experience these things, right down to the warm bed we snuggle into at night. I don’t want to say “think about it” or “do what you can” because I know that the majority do, and so instead I’ll say – just keep doing you.

On a final note, we’re so busy around this time of year. We have to get the gifts, the turkey and god-forbid we forget to send a Christmas card to that distant relative we haven’t seen for at least ten years. Throughout all of that, stay present and live in the moment. In amongst the hectic schedule of this time of year remember: You’ll only have one Christmas 2017, so make it a memorable one.

Are you guys doing Blogmas this year? Good Luck to you if you are & let me know!

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