Earlier this year I saw Green Day perform at Hyde Park and it was incredible!

It was so much fun! I went with my friend Chloe. We got there just as they were starting (Hyde Park is HUGE and we went to the station on the other side of the (seriously, HUGE!) park). So we weren’t right at the front.

We were right at the back. We sat on the grass away from the majority of the crowd, but could still see the stage, absorbed the music and, for a few hours, lived entirely in the moment.

I took a few pictures but I decided for the most part to really immerse myself in the experience. Green Day are probably my all

time favourite band, and have been since the age of 11. I’ve seen them once before and both times they were absolutely fantastic! They really put on a show and entertain the crowd. Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool and Mike Dirnt are both hilarious and awesome. 

Given that we’re in England, I remember laughing so much when Billie Joe said:

“..that big fiery ball in the sky is called the sun”

My other favourite quotes of the day were:

“Don’t record something for later when you can experience it right now” which was great, especially as I had already decided to do just that.

Admittedly I would normally film but then I think , how many times do I go back and watch all my videos from concerts? Not very frequently. It isn’t because I didn’t enjoy them but because when I look back on those memories I remember how I felt in that moment, the smile on my face or dancing like a lunatic to an absolute favourite song. You can’t record an emotion. You can record what you were doing, and what you looked like, when you felt that emotion, but that’s it. When you record an entire show, chances are that’s what you’re going to remember about it.

You’ll remember how that one person in front of you ruined your shot. You’ll  remember how you took your eye of your camera for one second to watch them and realise that the musicians themselves are out of shot. Chances are, if you’re seeing someone live, you’ve already seen them through a screen. It’s some thing we hear all the time, but why watch them through the screen of your phone or your camera when you have the real thing right in front of you?

There will come a time where I go to a concert and I film some things, because that’s just what we do. Do I regret not taking any videos for Green Day? I don’t know how I’ll feel in future but right now, no. This was one of the best experiences of my life, even with only a few pictures to show for it.

“London, I know you’ve been through a lot. Tonight is about having a good time”

I remember we all really responded to this because it was a time where people in London were slightly on edge. Even though we stayed with my family, my parents and my friends Dad worried. We worried. Green Day at Hyde Park is one thing, but one particular attack happened not far from where my family live. 

A lot of people may not have given it a second thought, which is great! But for some it was probably on their minds. For Green Day to acknowledge this, I thought was a brilliant gesture to the fans.

“No sexism. No racism. No homophobia. No Donald Trump”

Does anyone really need a commentary as to why this was one of my favourite moments of the day? I’ve spoken about how much I love their music, but something else I love about Green Day is who they are as people and how they choose to use their voices. 

At some point during the day he asked if any of the crowd came to see them in 1991. As a large majority of the crowd yelled out in affirmation, the only thought I had was “Sorry mate, I wasn’t even born yet”. Not even an inkling in the minds of my parents who hadn’t yet met.

The energy surrounding the park was incredible, Green Day were sensational and their fans are unbelievable. We encountered some interesting characters of all different ages, from all different walks of life. All having the time of their lives. 

At one point they had a fan come on stage and play the guitar to the thousands of spectators as he sang along. It was amazing!

“When I see people coming together singing and dancing, it’s diversity and equality. All different backgrounds, we come here together. It’s about freedom”

“Whatever happens we’re going to take something home tonight”

Finally the time came where me and my friend decided we had to leave. I really didn’t want to 

because I knew they would come back and do at least one more song but some stations were closed and we didn’t really know the area that well, so we figured it was best because we didn’t want to be out too late in an area we weren’t familiar with.

Yes, they came out and played another song. Weirdly though, this gave me another experience that really resonated with me for some reason. As we were walking out Green Day played ‘Time of Your Life’, it was awesome.

All in all, I absolutely loved going to see Green Day. They were absolutely fantastic and the atmosphere was insane. I would 100% see them again because I know that I’m going to leave with a smile on my face and memories which will stay with me forever.

“I firmly believe rock and roll can change the world” – Billie Joe Armstrong, 2017. 

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