Blogmas 2016 | Christmas Eve Eve

Originally posted 23rd December 2016

25 Days of Christmas 2016

#23 | Christmas Eve Eve

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! How busy has your day been?!

I started work at 8am, finished at 1pm – had after work drinks, then went for drinks with local friends and I’m currently out for drinks with some more friends!

That’s right, writing the blog on a night out – bonus points for dedication?
I think this day is notorious for last chance to meet up with friends before Christmas and it’s such a good time! Granted I triple booked myself but I made it work and I’ve loved today!

Those days where you’re so busy but having so much fun are truly some of the best times!

This may also be a day for last minute Christmas Shopping and to you I say… well I say you deserve it but Good Luck to ya anyway!

I’m 100% overtired right now so I won’t go on too long but genuinely I hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve whatever you’re doing!

Not long now guys!

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