Blogmas 2016

25 Days of Christmas 2016 | #15 2017 Goals

Blogmas 2016 | 2017 Goals

Originally posted 15th December 2016

25 Days of Christmas 2016

#15 | 2017 Goals

Is it just me or did 2016 go too damn quickly?

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the best of years, I think my personal highlights were a holiday with the family to Los Angeles; department at work going from temporary to permanent (& going onto a permanent contract); promotion to Caseworker; plus of course being around friends and family.

But that doesn’t mean 2016 was without fault, usually I hear people say “This year was awful, roll on 20–” but this year I genuinely felt what people were talking about. The EU Referendum, the Presidential Election, the shooting at the Orlando Nightclub and of course so much more – I feel like 2016 really brought out the worst in humanity.

Sadly we also lost a lot of great people in 2016, such as Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Gene Wilder to name a few. Unfortunately that can’t be helped but it was a sad year indeed.
As I said at the beginning 2016 felt liked I blinked and it’s Christmas again. I’m not sure I really got started on any of my resolutions last year! And I love my resolutions… I never actually stick to them (I think part of my problem is I try to do too much at once) but that doesn’t stop me from trying!

So here it is – Goals for 2017!

1. Slimming World
I enjoy Slimming World, I’d be lying if I said I enjoy it 100% of the time but it’s not often you find something where you can be very lenient and still lose weight. This year I went off track, completely derailed. It wasn’t a bad year I just know I can do better.
I’ve already started putting together some meal plan ideas and shopping expenses so I can plan accordingly. It probably won’t go as planned but I’m determined to try.

2. Exercise
I have a gym membership and, to be honest, this year at the beginning of the year I really got some good use out of it. I went to the gym, I did classes and continued seeing my Personal Trainer…. wait was this last year? I’m sure it was this year too! Then I hurt my foot and it all went to crap around August/September. I went back to the gym yesterday so it’s another one I’m preparing for to do more in the coming year.

3. Morning Routine
Yesterday I posted my Ideal Morning Routine as something I’d like to work towards in 2017. My routine at the moment is basically: Wake up late, quick wash, put on some make up and rush through the door with wet hair, no breakfast and try to get to work on time. It’s worked for a while but I must admit it’s slightly exhausting, so I created something which would be the ideal way for me to spend my mornings.

4. Travel
This has a lot of different elements.
Save to travel to places around the world I want to go
Travel and spend weekends in different places around the UK
Actually travel to places around the world I want to go
Clearly it’s difficult to do all three however, when I say travel I don’t mean the backpack and go I mean more city breaks or one or two places.

5. Writing
This one has been a staple in my New Years Resolutions for a few years now. I’ve been thinking of writing a novel for a while and started to put pen to paper when I was 21. Two years later still nothing official but I love it. I’m hoping that this year I can finally put out a first draft.

This year I also did a short story for a writing course and found I really enjoyed it. So I’d like to try out more short stories (and more courses!)

6. Cooking
… and baking.
No, well yes. See, I shouldn’t because of what I’ve just said about Slimming World but I love baking. I like cooking and enjoy the process but I think with baking it’s the lovely smell of baked goods which emit throughout the house which I love as well, it makes the whole place really cosy.
Cooking in the sense that I can cook bits and pieces and am learning a lot but hopefully I can learn a lot more. I have some staple dishes which I love (Pastitsio (100% not SW friendly!), Homemade Burgers & Chips, a new one to add would be the Chicken Pasta Bake) but feel I should expand.

7. Reading
I love reading but this year was probably the worst for me and books. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve become increasingly busy or something else but I do love it so absolutely want to get back into the swing of things.

8. Fun
So, there’s this thing I try to do each year.
I put in about 12 suggestions into a little ceramic pink and blue train I’ve had since I was a kid of fun things I can do throughout the year.
Some from throughout the years would be: At Home Pamper Evening; Professional Manicure; Massage; Book something (i.e. Harry Potter Studio Tour) – just something fun or as a treat. Admittedly this is something I always forget to about but it’s a nice thought and makes me smile while I’m doing it.

9. Blogging
This one is actually new on my list of resolutions. I started this blog earlier this year in March and have honestly loved it! I told myself that if after a year I’m still writing on it consistently that I would look into domains and hosting, honestly it’s something I’m eager to do. I love it so much and can’t wait to see what the New Year will bring.

There are also some other things I’d like to do like start learning a new language, or work towards being fluent in Greek.

As I say 2016 wasn’t the best for my resolutions but 2015 I did really well, so hopefully we can do it again this year!

It’s probably slightly early to start planning these but I’m thinking if I plan them early I can start implementing them straight away… having said that, it didn’t work this year!

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