Blogmas 2016 | Ideal Morning Routine

Originally posted 14th December 2016

25 Days of Christmas 2016

#14 | Ideal Morning Routine

Christmas is dawning and before we know it the New Year will be upon us and there are a few things I want to start doing.

One of them is developing some sort of Morning Routine. This would be my ideal way to spend the morning.. if I could ever wake up early enough, but this is what I’m going to work towards in 2017.

5:30am: Watch an Inspirational / Motivational Video
(Yeah, we can already tell this ain’t going to happen… at least not quickly! I like my sleep..)

5:35am: Make Bed & Tidy
I know from experience that when I make my bed in the morning for some reason I feel really good. Small accomplishments, I guess? I suppose doing a small bit of tidying up will reap the same effects.

5:45am: Meditation
This is risky because this could just ensure I fall back to sleep.. I know me, closing my eyes to relax that is a possibility but I’d like to try it and see how it helps in the morning, I’m hoping it will focus my mind and prepare me for the day ahead.

6:00am: Small Water; Yoga
I think a small water first thing in the morning would help me to rehydrate myself and hopefully trying Yoga will be something new, but I’ve heard it will help with weight loss, improve flexibility and I think this would be really good to do first thing in the morning.

6:15am: Exercise
15 minutes of exercise in the morning sounds like it will wake me up, plus I won’t need to feel totally guilty if I can’t make it to the gym in the evening.

6:30am: Breakfast; News
Finally onto what is considered the most important meal of the day.. also the meal I always forget to eat. Lately I’ve been having a porridge at work but that means I have to work while eating, which is fine but not ideal.

What I’d like to do is have breakfast while watching the news and catch up on what’s happening in the world.

6:45am: 500 words
Or any amount I can do in 15 minutes. The idea behind this is that because my days are filled with work and my evenings are either socialising, something else writing related or gym sometimes it’s difficult to get any words down on any particular day. So if I do 500 words in the morning it’s still 500 words I woudnt have had the day before, so it’s something I want to try.

7:00am: Shower; Skincare
Sometimes I have a shower then night before rather than in the morning but if I’m doing any amount of exercise in the morning I think a shower will be good to start fresh.

A skincare routine is definitely something I want to start, and I think I’ve probably spoken about before, I’m currently looking into reviews and thoughts on different products.

7:30am: Hair
I don’t do much with my hair. I brush it… sometimes I put it up.. on rare occasions I might attempt to straighten my hair. I would like to make more of an effort so putting aside especially might help with that.

8:00am: Make-Up
Make-Up is something I’m very familiar with.. I’m not very good but I enjoy it and I enjoy the process as a whole, it’s nice for me time. Plus having time set aside will be good so I’m no longer in a rush.

8:30am: Walk to Work
Because my mornings are so rushed I either get a lift or a cab to work, if I walk I’m basically jogging because there’s no doubt I’ll be late. But I would like to start walking to work more (I always walk back). It’ll be good to breathe in some fresh air (though not yet thought about the rainy seasons) and have a leisurely walk to work.

9:00am: Arrive at Work
Technically I don’t necessarily have to start work until 9:30am so I have a while to get there from 8:30 however, it’ll be good to start earlier for numerous reasons including I think it will be even more productive to start earlier in the day.
And that’s it! I want to get this down as something to work towards. Probably slightly unrealistic but a girl can dream, right?

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