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Originally posted 13th December 2016

25 Days of Christmas 2016

#13 | Stocking Filler Ideas

Disclaimer!: Some items below contain affiliate links, this means that if you choose to purchase an item using one of these links I’d receive a small percentage from the sellers website.

.. Or just gifts for under around £20 because a lot of these could be considered a main gift, especially if paired with something else.

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know why this was nearly late… if you don’t then I’m sorry!
This is mainly focused for girls however, if you are a guy please feel free to stay and read on!

So I’ve actually been looking up gifts since I got home from work around 5:30/6pm (it’s now 10pm so I’d better get a move on!) and I got totally engrossed however, now it’s probably time to get some of it down for you guys!

I’ll start off with some books, but not necessarily ordinary fiction books these are more Fashion books or for people who love social media.

New York: A Guide to the Fashion Cities of the World;
Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon;
The Dress: 100 Iconic Moments in Fashion;
Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Images, Showcase Your Life and Build the Ultimate Platform.

Update from future Nicole: I bought all of these for my sister and she loved them!

She’s not a lover of books but she loves Chanel (though sadly there isn’t a lot I can get her within a reasonable price range), she loves New York, she loves fashion and she absolutely loves Instagram.

I can’t take pictures as they’re already wrapped under the tree but the outline of the pages are gold or silver (depending on the book), the images are beautiful and I do think it’s something lovely as a smaller gift for her to open from me.

A lot of the others I don’t own (or haven’t owned) myself because, let’s face it, it’s December and I can’t necessarily afford to get all of these things on top however, they’re things I saw which I thought I might like, or my sister or some friends would like as a stocking filler.

Let’s not forget that stocking fillers aren’t only for children, I know people who have done ones for their husbands and wives, girlfriends or boyfriends or the kid that hasn’t moved out yet (i.e. me!)

If you know someone who’s really into beauty or skincare then these gifts might be just the ticket.

Soap and Glory Pink Twice Hand and Foot Cream; Liz Earle Winter Nourishing Gift; Burt’s Bees Lim Balm; Burt’s Bees Bath Crystals; Burt’s Bees Ultimate Body Lotion; Burt’s Bees Ultimate Hand Cream; Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle; No7 Glamorous Nude Eye Palette; Champneys Bubble Heaven Collection; Champneys Heavenly Days Sleep Kit; Champneys Heavenly Days Bath Crystals; Ted Baker Little Luxuries; French Connection Little Things Mean a Lot; Champneys Time For A Good Morning; Ted Baker Reflect and Perfect Compact Mirror; This Works Sleep Tight.

I think all bar one here are from Boots. Please note I have no affiliation with Boots, I just love their products.

Now a lot of these could be considered as regular gifts rather than stocking gifts, especially if put together with another – and that’s true. But if you wanted to you could do it as a stocking gift or do a stocking theme – never had that before but sounds pretty cool!

OK, so bare with me because I’m going with the flow here. What you could do is take a few Burt’s Bees items, or a few Champneys items – get a small candle (not necessarily the one above but instead a scent you know they like, maybe a bit cheaper?), a book, face mask (possibly ones from the Body Shop – Charcoal or Acai, there’s a lot of other choices! Plus a Facial Mask Brush), nail stuff, the head band to keep hair out of face – maybe a few other bits for, you probably guessed it, a pamper themed stocking.. Which now I think about it I would love!

You could probably also do this with Baking; Movie Night; Book Lovers; Gym Lover; Health Lover – basically something you know that person is passionate about and a few bits surrounding that topic would probably go down a treat.

I will say that I have and love the Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, I haven’t tried the Ginger Spice however, as it’s Christmas I thought it was quite festive. I haven’t tried the Champneys Bath Salts but I think the little scoop that comes with it is a nice touch.

I got the Soap and Glory hand cream in a little gift box from a friend last year, I use it a lot and I’ve still got some and I love it! Always wake up the next morning with such soft hands!

I’ve tried the ‘This Works’ travel one as a tester, it worked here and there – I think I’d like to give it another go. What I like about the set I’ve linked (not the one I tried) is that, though it’s smaller, it’s cheaper and so you can decide whether it’s worth shelling out the £25 I think the regular one is.

If you’re looking for something to help you sleep, something really weird that worked for me (and I really want to get back to using) was the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion – so not something formulated for sleep at all but I’d put it on at night and I don’t know whether it was the scent or the feeling of being all cosy but it sent me right off!

A few more ideas as I’m going on a bit.

If the person you’re buying for loves YouTubers get them some products or merchandise.
If they love:

Zoella aka Zoe Sugg Lifestyle & Beauty: Girl Online; Girl Online: On Tour; Girl Online: Going Solo; Warms Hands and Warm Heart Travel Mug and Fingerless Gloves; Lazy Days Fragranced Candle and Socks; Once Upon A Time Journal; She Designed a Life She Loved Stationary Set; Ginger Fizz Bath Bombs; Deck the Baubles Bubble Bath; Hungry Hands Hand Cream; Lip Balm Duo – just a few ideas but she has done a lot more!

Another update from future Nicole! I own the Once Upon a Time Journal, She Designed a Life She Loved Stationary Set and the Lazy Days Fragranced Candle and love them. I use all of them and am very pleased with my purchases

Thatcher Joe aka Joe Sugg: Username Evie; Username Regenerated; Joe and Caspar Hit The Road; Joe and Caspar Hit The Road USA; Joe and Caspar Hit The Road Calendar

Once again I own the first two books in the Username series (at time of writing the third is not yet released) and both the Joe and Caspar Hit the Road DVDs and have been very impressed with them thus far!

If they love both then perhaps some merchandise?

Tanya Burr: Pretty Unstoppable Palette; Baby It’s Cold Outside; Peachy Glow; (& if you can find the Lip Gloss Martha Moo in stock – and they don’t already have it – I’m pretty sure they’ll love you forever). Other ideas include Love, Tanya and Tanya Bakes.

I now also own both Love, Tanya and Tanya Bakes. I’ve used Tanya Bakes more and love each of the recipes I’ve tried out so far! Love, Tanya is one I haven’t picked up properly yet however, looks beautifully made. I’ve had a leaf through and I’m looking forward to starting her book!

Pointless Blog aka Alfie Deyes: This guy has a lot of merchandise so I figure I’ll leave his section of his website PointlessBlog – The Creator Store. If you go for the wristbands you can’t choose a colour, but if you get a yellow one consider yourself lucky because they will be the rarest!

Marcus Butler: Hello Life

OK so this isn’t technically my book, it’s actually my sisters. I have borrowed it and will give it back as soon as I’ve read it. Once again it looks very well made and I’m looking forward to reading it

Naomi Smart: Eat Smart – this is a plant based recipe book however, it gives some good tips and a lot of new ideas, they can be adapted to put in some chicken etc. if you like or left as they are for something new. Personally I’m not vegetarian, vegan, plant based etc. but the recipes look really good and are a nice change of pace.

I really like this book! I haven’t had the opportunity yet to try out any recipes however, it all looks delicious, the book itself is beautiful and there is a lot in there which talks about her personal experiences, plus gives a few tips of her own.

Just to name a few and give a few ideas for you guys! Some of this I actually own and really love so if someone you know loves them then it’s a nice idea and a lot of it is really affordable prices. If you’re interested either now or in future may offer some other ideas as well.

I’m not sure if this actually helped or it was just information overload, perhaps next year I should plan a little better – test out some more products etc. as I say these were things I’ve seen and thought: I like it!

Not going to lie I’ve seen a lot more like some gorgeous notebooks and compact mirror , reindeer or gingerbread man socks from Accessorise; Everyday is an Adventure Mug (which I own and adore); Follow Your Dreams Mug or Trinket Dish; Cookie Cutters from Sass and Belle – which is a cool idea if you want to do some Christmas baking.

(Do you like how I’ve snuck those in at the end?)

Anyway I really will leave it here as I have fifteen minutes to upload! Wish me luck, and see you tomorrow!

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