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Originally posted 18th December 2016

25 Days of Christmas 2016

#18 | A Christmas Gathering

Whether it be Christmas, a Bridal Bash, Hen Do or a random get together I love organising events, hosting people round my house and just going all out because it’s so much fun!

Sometimes it can be stressful if things don’t go according to plan but personally I just tend to go with the flow. I’ll plan for the eventualities I can think of and apart from that, what else can you do?

So, last year a friend of mine came round for a Christmas Movie Night. This can be for as many people as you’d like over however, on this occasion my friend was feeling kind of stressed and down so I put this together for her.
This is basically what I did:

Find and display my Christmas Movies in advance so it’s easier to choose from the selection.

I charged my iPad, which was already synced with Christmas songs so while we weren’t watching movies we had that playing in the background (you can also use a CD player, your TV or laptop)

For Decoration – I don’t like tinsel downstairs but as this was located in my room (because I still live with my parents) I figured what the hell, it’s pretty easy on the budget and makes things look a little more festive.

I’d also bought a log from a Christmas Market which has a little village inside and lights up… I’d bought that already but it made the perfect addition.

From Poundland I bought these small tacky little tinsel stockings and stuck them on the wall over my desk (because they kept falling) but I put some chocolates in there so we could pick them whenever we wanted and it made a nice change from a bowl or plate!

From a local shop where I live they had these tiny snack bowls – one says ‘Elf Goodies’ which I put chocolate coins in and the other ‘Nuts for Santa’ which I put nuts in. They don’t sell them there anymore however, I did find the same thing but a Set of 3 Red Christmas Dip Snack Bowls – only it includes ‘Reindeer Snacks’ which is pretty cool!

For Hot Chocolate I bought the Galaxy Sachets and Cadburys Sachets so we had some choice. Heat up some milk but in the bottom of the mug pour a lid of Gingerbread syrup, then the powder, then the milk add some cream on top (can or whipped, up to you) and I added a candy cane to it as well to give it a little something extra.

I found some crackers, headbands, giant lollies (which I said to give mine to her sister in law so I have no idea if they were any good!), two different types of popcorn (she likes toffee whereas I like sweet and salted), crisps, biscuits, mince pies and of course some fruit and veg ’cause, you know.. balance.

This was such a good evening and, aside from the shopping for different decorations and food, it took no time at all to throw this together (which is good because I only had a couple of days warning!)

There are pictures to look at on my Pinterest page, there’s a link under ‘Share the Love’ with my other social media.

It’s the one called Christmas Movie Night, you can’t miss it as so far it’s the only board I have on there!

In any case I hope you enjoyed this and it provides some inspiration if you’re looking to do something similar!

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