Originally posted 8th March 2017

Is this a thing? It’s got to be a thing!

If it isn’t then why not?

A year has flown by, I’ve mentioned in a previous post but 2016 went so fast and now we’re already three months into 2017!

So what have I done blog-wise over this past year?

Well, it was initially created for fiction and creative writing… I think I’ve probably uploaded 2 chapters of my main fiction work (which were scrapped and started again), a song and a short fiction piece. I’ve also written a short story however, I’m still tweaking it so stay tuned!

While I didn’t exactly reach my main goal through blogging I do have to say I’ve enjoyed every aspect of it so far.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know new people either through reading other blogs or connecting through other social media (i.e. Twitter), I’ve enjoyed the learning curve of putting the blog together how I like it, realising I want to take my own images rather than use stock ones. Plus, of course, we can’t forget the writing itself.

Whether I’ve written about fiction or real life news (good or bad) or just random thoughts that popped into my head it’s been great to just get all my thoughts out there, and the crazy part? People actually read them!

So, what am I planning for 2017?

I want to go ahead and do the whole get a domain name and hosting thing (I’ll learn the tech jargon as I go on) but I did promise myself that if I’m still blogging one year on then I’d do it, so now I want to try this for a year and see how I get on. (side note: I want to update all my previous images so they’re personally taken & not stock… so that should be fun!)I’m not going to lie, it may be a few months before I actually do this – I have quite a bit going on over the next few months, plus it’s a whole other learning curve!

I want to do and experience more things, meaning more to blog and talk about. I’ve enjoyed putting together the little concert videos I’ve done and I kind of want to make more for different things (more concerts, perhaps travel or events) – it keeps my creative juices flowing.

Creative/Fiction Writing: I mean, this is a give-in. This is why this blog was created, because I love writing and it was a way for me to continue writing in any aspect whilst busy with life and work. I think it’s worked, perhaps it’s not always fiction but it’s always great to write and really define your voice.

Non-Fiction Writing: As in if I want to talk about some crap going on in the world, if I want to continue voicing that feminism isn’t a bad thing, or if I just have something good and random to say you’ll see it here. It’s good to express yourself through whichever medium you feel comfortable and excited about, so do it!

So, this is what I’m planning blog-wise for 2017, some specific and some vague but I have the ideas in my head, now just to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard if you want to be literal) and do it!

I know I mentioned it above but I want to mention it again, it really is crazy that there are people who read these random posts, according to my stats I have over 100 followers on this and that is insane! That 100+ people liked something enough to go ‘Yeah, I liked that. I want to see more’ is just amazing to me so to anyone following, for whatever reason, thank you!

You’re awesome people.

Thanks for the journey so far & here’s to another year!

Much Love

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