Originally posted 19th September 2017

“Be a voice, not an echo”

Week 18 – It’s the second to last post! I did say at the beginning that if it gets a good response I might keep going until the end of the year so let me know in the comments below what you’ve thought. I’ve been posting every Monday since May, I’m more surprised than anyone and I hope it’s helped to make Mondays a little better (I’m going to shush because I need something to say in the last post next week after all).

Today we’re going to focus on getting loud. Making our voices heard. This can be tricky, especially for me because it’s in my nature to be quiet (… well, until you get to know me that is!)

But we were given our voice for a reason, so let’s use it! Lets use our voices for good, to make the place we live a little better! To brighten another persons day (remember how we spoke about #GirlLove) compliments can literally make someones day so much better! I can’t tell you how many times me, friends or family get home or to our venue of choice and suddenly we remember “Oh yeah, someone did this and it was so nice” or “Someone said this to me and I was so touched” it really brightens their day, and then the person instantly becomes happy because their friend is happy – it’s a ripple effect that can really influence someone’s day and it’s so easy!

As always I’ve got something for you to get energised for the day ahead.


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