Originally posted 2nd October 2016

I had planned to upload tomorrow however, I’ve literally just found out that it’s Grandparent’s Day today in the UK (2nd October) and it’s 10pm so I’ll need to try and make this quick!

In this I want to put what I love about my grandparents and how I am grateful to have had them in my life. Also, what I would do differently if I could go back and speak to my younger self.

See, I feel that as we’re growing up we don’t question things, or at least I didn’t. I was happy in my bubble, don’t get me wrong I was curious and loved to learn but when it comes to yourself, your family and friends you think that everyone will live forever.

If I could go back in time I would tell my younger self to learn more about my family history. I know some however, without having asked for specifics it’ll be more difficult to obtain that information. My Yiayia (Greek) wrote a book about her life and I’m fortunate enough that I was one of the first to read it as she asked for my opinion. It was so interesting!

Some of you may be disinterested however, others may wonder why I can’t ask my Grandmother questions, or my Grandfathers. To answer that my Grandmother is unwell and both my Grandfathers have passed away. Which is why I am always so frustrated at myself for not asking when I had the chance.

Grandparent’s are wonderful people. I love all of mine and was fortunate enough that I’ve known each of them, I am aware that this isn’t the same for everyone and so am very grateful for this and do not take it for granted.

They are people who sometimes we do take for granted, especially as we get older. It’s not as if we don’t care about them it’s just sometimes school or work intervenes and suddenly time just flies. I always feel so guilty if it’s been a while since I’ve seen my Grandmothers.

If you’d like to: think about memories of your Grandparents that you have or something you wish to ask them.

My memories, well.. where to start! The ones that jump out at me are:

My Grandma and Grandad taking care of me when I was sick and my parents had to work; I would help my Grandmother with chores around their flat in the morning up until lunch, (she made the best sandwiches) at which point she would put on some children’s TV show for me, then my Grandad would go out and get me a small can of R Whites Lemonade.

Another time I remember my other Grandad coming round my own house, one time in particular I couldn’t sleep so I went downstairs to get a Beatrix Potter book from the dining room. He was in there with my Dad and they asked what I was doing up etc. and my Grandad asked me if I had brushed my teeth, I lied and said yes (as I didn’t want to get into trouble). And I remember he said “ahh, that’s a shame I would’ve given you a crisp” motioning to the packet on the table in front of him. I stood there, not really sure how to respond when he took one out and gave it to me, smokey bacon flavoured. After which I went back to bed, book in hand.

There are also so many memories of my Yiayia but a memory I will always cherish is when me and my sister were younger and we visited her she would do this thing all the time, which was to make up the ‘Princess Bed’. I loved it! It was beautiful and so much fun, she even found a letter from me a few years back, which I wrote as a child, and I had asked if, when I came to visit, she could make it again. I still can’t believe she kept that all these years.

I am very fortunate to have these memories and, though I’m frustrated to not know the details of their lives, I know their character and I know how much they love me and I hope they know how much I love them.

241065_1915889889724_1225251_o-COLLAGE.jpgI do apologise if this wasn’t very interesting to read for most of you however, I do invite you to think or comment your own memories (if you’re comfortable) and celebrate them, because it’s a rarity I think and they truly deserve it.

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