Originally posted 24th November 2016

I’m back!

And lately I’ve been thinking about how we as people view things. Just general day-t0-day things that can get us down. This is of course normal however, there comes a point where we suddenly start seeing the negative in everything.

For example, recently I went on a night out with some friends and it was a good time. There were a couple of slight issues during the evening where it didn’t go according to plan and some people got angry.  I can understand that however, I also found it somewhat frustrating.

Life is completely and totally unpredictable, this is something that a lot of people state they love about life however, that is until it suits them. Sometimes life throws a curveball and things don’t go quite as you expect however, surely that’s what makes it slightly more interesting?

Now, I’m not talking about death of a loved one, loss of job or the result of the US election here, I’m talking about a night out with friends where a couple of things went awry. See, I can look at that night and think – yes there were a couple of mishaps however, overall it was a great night out with friends. We had a laugh and enjoyed ourselves and surely that’s all we want and expect? Don’t go out with a vivid image of what you want then complain when you don’t get it.

What I’m trying to say, in this long-winded way, is choose your view. You can choose to view something as ‘oh this went wrong, and this went wrong, and I’m never doing that again because I had an awful time that one time…’

Or you can say ‘You know what, nobody was hurt. It definitely wasn’t the worst time of my life. Didn’t go quite as expected but oh well I enjoyed this, this and the time spent with overall with people I love, and that’s the main thing’

It takes so much effort out of us to be negative all the time, embrace the unexpected and have a laugh because at the end of the day life is unexpected, so make it count while it lasts.

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