Originally posted 10th October 2016

For those who don’t know on Friday 7th October was World Smile Day. The whole idea behind it is to “Do an act of kindness Help one person smile”

I started thinking about this and love the idea but instead of setting aside one day a year to make sure we do this, why not try to do this everyday? Why not try and make someone smile, even if one day in particular that one person happens to be yourself.

So, without further ado, 5 Reasons to Smile:


  • You’re Alive
    Okay, so really sit down and think about this for a moment. Think about everything that had to happen for you to be here, on this Earth, right now. I’ll use my own family as an example:
    My Yiayia (Grandmother) moved from Cyprus to London when she was 10 and somewhere down the line met my Grandad from Leeds for my Dad to be born. Then my mum and dad who lived on opposite sides of London had to meet somehow in order for me to be born – and that is just going back a couple of generations on one side of the family.
    Think about all the events that had to take place, all the chance meetings for you to be sat here reading this blog and living life, to get you here in the first place!
  • The Time We Live In
    There are some people who say they were born in the wrong era, maybe? But honestly is the time we live in so terrible? There has and will always be crime, war and devastation however, as a society we have come so far in terms of acceptingness, technological advances and medicine. So whilst we have so far to go – that cannot be denied – what also cannot be denied is our progression as a species in itself and now we are on the cusp of some major advancements in so many different fields that we can be part of and experience first hand, which is incredible.
  • The Act of Smiling
    The act of smiling itself can make you happy and can also make others happy. Can this be proven? I have no idea to be perfectly honest. What I do know is that when I’m smiling I feel much better than when I’m frowning. Also, have you noticed that when you randomly smile at other people 9 times out of 10 they will smile back automatically. Having been on both sides of this I smile and without realising it’s put me in a slightly better mood.
  • You’re Unique
    No-one can offer to the world what you can in exactly the same way. It’s impossible. You are completely and totally unique and because of that you have an advantage. Sure there may be people out there trying to do something the same or similar however, you will not work in the same way and you will not present in the same way and because of that you have something to offer that is different from everyone else. Once you figure out what that is, what you love to do and have a passion for, nothing can stop you.
  • You Can Dream, You Can Achieve
    This is probably a quote I’ve dredged up from my mind from somewhere, and if it is I apologise however, the truth behind this statement cannot be overlooked. As a species we can dream. We can dream at night in our sleep, we can day dream throughout the day about our goals and ambitions, we can dream in our thinking about what we want to achieve from either that day or life in general. If you can dream it, picture it hell even taste it then you can and will achieve it. You can work towards those goals slowly but surely and those dreams will be reality whether it take 1 year or 10 years, never give up on them.


I hope this has inspired you all and made you smile a little at least. There are so many other reasons to smile be it big or small, from booking that dream trip to finally being able to get that Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks (can someone tell me what those are like?… I don’t like coffee so haven’t a clue!) hell, it might even be because the seasons changed to your favourite time of year.

Our happiness is entirely subjective to what makes us smile so try to do something that makes you smile everyday and, if you can, don’t miss the chance to do the same for someone else.


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