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Originally posted 10th December 2016

25 Days of Christmas 2016

#10 | 5 Places to Travel At Christmastime

This is a list of places I would like to travel around Christmastime. I like to be at home with the family on Christmas Day but around the festive season these places look incredible to go during the month of December.

5. Cruise the Caribbean
Now, this one isn’t for me however, if you’re one of those people who don’t like the cold, then this could be perfect for you. As I say for me Christmas is spending time at home with family however, you could argue that it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re together.

Some people I used to work for would go on a cruise across the Christmas period, Christmas Day etc. every year and they loved it. It’s definitely not something I would have thought to do but if it interests you then go for it!

4. Germany
If there’s one thing I’ve known since I was a child it’s that Germany have a lot of Christmas markets. I’ve linked an article which tells you the 10 best because there is a lot of info, and I’m not that familiar with it! I’ve never been however, I remember when I was a kid so many people from school would go to Germany for the Christmas Markets, I think occasionally the school even organised some trips (if you took German as an option… which I didn’t).

3. London, England
There’s actually quite a lot to do in London around Christmastime. You can go to Trafalgar Square and see the Christmas Tree (which is apparently donated by Olso each year) and sometimes there are various groups who get together and do some carol singing beneath the tree.

There’s also various places to go Ice Skating – Somerset House or Hampton Court Palace look gorgeous, there are also places such as The Natural History Museum or Winter Wonderland.
That’s right, the infamous Winter Wonderland. If you haven’t heard of it, where have you been?? Personally I haven’t been able to go yet however, it looks incredible! There are various activities to choose from, suitable for both children and adults – such as rides or games. Shows such as Nutcracker on Ice or Cirque Berserk. The aforementioned Ice Skating, an Ice Bar, Santa Land, Christmas Markets, various other Bars and Restaurants (some with live music), a fire pit – there’s so much to choose from and the entry is free! You’ll need to pay for anything you choose to buy/ride etc. and if you want to do some of the more popular ones (i.e. Ice Bar, Ice Skating, Shows etc.) then you’ll need to pre-pay and book a slot, which seems fair.

Also, the stores in the High Street are lit up – seriously, go and see Harrods if you see no other!

There is quite a lot to do, some of it I’m probably not even aware of, I live in England and I haven’t done any of these things yet, it’s not somewhere I thought had a lot going on but I was wrong.. and now I want to go!

2. Lapland
My colleague literally just got back from Lapland this week, the word she used to describe it was magical.

She went with her daughter, partner, sister, nieces, mother etc. so it was a family fun filled holiday by the sounds of it! She said they didn’t have to wait long to board the train at all and the Captain was brilliant – telling the children to look out for Santa, hearing reindeer on the roof and singing the entire way there.
When they got there they were provided with snow suits, the children met santa, did some sledding – she mentioned that it was completely safe for the children so they could just run ferrel but did say that get them a scarf or a hat that stands out because all of the children look the same in the suits provided.

The only real downfall is that because the whole thing is like a tourist trap (very similar to Los Angeles) the cost of things can be very expensive. Fortunately I don’t drink so the £35 bottle of wine wouldn’t bother me too much… the £4 doughnut on the other hand? But you have to expect it when going to these kinds of places.

Of course she came back with photographs and it did truly look magical. The various amount of activities (though just missed the Northern Lights) – what cemented it for me was some of the photos legit looked like Narnia. Stunning!

1. New York City
What else could take the number one spot? I’ve been to New York once, but New York at Christmastime (and New Years for that matter) has been on my Bucket List for a while. From the lighting of the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Centre, the stores and their magical Christmas displays, Christmas Parade, I can imagine the view from the Empire State Building being stunning! The shows (such as The Rockettes), Christmas Markets, horse and carriage around Central Park (hopefully after it’s been snowing), and of course NYC shopping plus so much more – sounds like an all around fantastic long weekend!
I hope this has given some inspiration or some sort of enjoyment at the very least.
I’m no expert so let me know the places on your Bucket List to travel around this time of year, always looking for new ideas!

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