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Top Ten Christmas Movies

25 Days of Christmas
Originally posted 7th December 2016

#7 | Top Ten Christmas Movies

10. Jingle All The Way (1996)

In Jingle All the Way we follow a father

I won’t lie, and it won’t be popular… but it’s not my favourite. I’ve actually started liking it a lot more over the years but when I was younger I didn’t see the appeal. So while I wouldn’t reach for it immediately I’m no longer opposed to watching the movie and actually find it rather enjoyable.

9. Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

So, again I wouldn’t automatically reach for this one as the whole romance aspect never really interested me however, the movie as a whole is very charming and also has a lot of other elements to it which makes you go on a journey with these characters, and I especially love the last line – it always cracks me up!

8. A Christmas Carol

I’d add in the year but there are so many different versions of this film, I’ve just found my way back through the rabbit hole and still didn’t find what I was looking for, but there’s no denying that this is a Christmas Classic. A Christmas Carol is the film we grew up watching and the play we performed for our parents at school. The meaning and depth is incredible to watch unfold and I’m actually very annoyed I can’t find the one I used to watch as a child, call it nostalgia. Might have to do some more digging!

7. The Santa Claus 1-3 (1994) (2002) (2006)

Now I actually don’t mind all of these films. The first one is the best, in my opinion but I still enjoy watching the second and third. I know I know, I can probably get away with the second one but the third, I’m aware of the reception it received! The thing is when it comes to these films I just look at them as a bit of fun, and where’s the harm in that?

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

I love this film! Whenever I watch it I usually get the songs stuck in my head (if you follow me on Twitter then you might now the most recent was the weekend just gone at around 4 in the morning with work the next day.. that was a fun time!) It’s crazy to think this came out the year I was born yet is still so popular over 20 years later, that’s the sign of great things – it’s timeless.

I really do love the storyline though and the songs, plus it’s just so whacky and I love a lot of Tim Burton’s work as well. I made my sister watch it over the weekend, she did not share my view. She just did not get it at all, which is a shame because to me it’s just fantastic, fun and very different from any other Christmas movie out there.

5. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Yep! Let’s face it you can’t have a list of great Christmas movies and not include The Grinch. The character is very similar to Scrooge in a lot of ways but for very different (and I suppose more understandable) reasons. I think when we’re younger we find it funny and get the meaning, but as I get older I watch it and start laughing because some of the stuff he comes out with reminds me of either myself or a close friend or family.

I just think this film is brilliant, it has both heart and comedic genius whilst in keeping with the original theme of the book. I think I read somewhere that this could be re-made (could have been click-bait or false?) but if they do I honestly don’t see how they could get it any better – this one will be hard to beat, that’s for sure!

4. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)

So, before Harry Potter for me there was Narnia. I still love Narnia, I do love the books but the first time I’d come across it was in Year 2 at infant school around Christmas, they put on a movie to keep us busy and it was an animated version, and the obsession began. I was transfixed, I’m not even sure I blinked! So it’s only natural that I put it in a list of Christmas Movies. It of course has some elements of Christmas (Santa Claus being gone for so long and then him giving the children their presents to help them) so I think it counts! To this day it’s still one of my favourite books and movies, and I just love the newer version as well.. I say newer, it was still over 10 years ago (need to stop, feeling old!)

3. Harry Potter and the …all of them? (2001-2011)

OK when it comes to the festive Christmassy feeling it’s probably best to stick with 1-3, 4 at a stretch but really who does that? If you’re going to watch Harry Potter you do it right and you do a marathon, really it’s the only way. I really couldn’t not mention Harry Potter, it’s an absolute favourite of mine and many others, the first few are so magical and so fits right in with this time of year.

2. Home Alone 1 & 2 (1990) (1992)

Remember for the Santa Claus when I said ‘I just look at them as a bit of fun, what’s the harm in that?’.. Yeah, that doesn’t apply to 3 and 4 of the Home Alone movies. I can’t, I’ve watched them but they’re honestly not that great. They lost something, and not just a few actors.

But 1 & 2, absolutely! For me hands down I always go to these movies when thinking of Christmas films. They’re fantastic! From the acting to the humour, the family structure and is somewhat believable in that with so many people maybe you do forget someone, it’s Christmas which means it’s a time everyone is more aware of burgers. In the second one the kid looks down and then follows someone he thinks is his Dad to the wrong gate.
Perhaps that’s where the believability ends but at the end of the day if it was all totally believable there’s no escapism or fun in that. The characters are fantastic, and in the second one the bit with the bricks gets me every time!

1. On The Second Day of Christmas (1997)

On the Second Day of Christmas is my all-time favourite Christmas film. I don’t think it’s too well-known however, it stars Mark Ruffalo and follows a young woman named Trish and her six year old niece Patsy. They’re thieves and pickpocket cash from people who look like they can afford it. One Christmas Eve they try to pickpocket from the owner of a high-end department store however, they are caught. With it being so late on Christmas Eve everywhere is closed and they are forced to stay with Bert (Mark Ruffalo) then man who caught them, who works at the store. Bert is instructed to bring them back the morning after Christmas so Trish can be charged and Patsy sent to live elsewhere. 

My favourite scene as a child was when they went to visit Santa, but the whole movie is excellent from start to finish. My absolute favourite thing about this movie is that they have inserts of pictures depicting Christmas scenes which relate to what is happening in the movie. I absolutely adored it.


So there we have it, my Top 10 Christmas Movies to watch around the festive season.

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