Originally posted 30th May 2016

“This is your Monday morning reminder that you can handle whatever life throws at you”

Week 2 of The Monday Project is here people!

So there are some of us who have Bank Holiday off work and school (Hell Yes!), there are some who have finished their exams and have now left school – Congrats to you all!!

But there are some who still have to go to work on a Bank Holiday, which just plain sucks.
So, we continue with this project through all Mondays! Because whether it’s working on a Bank Holiday or anything else in our lives sometimes we all need a little cheering up and motivation to get us through the day.

Today we focus on being strong and persevering. We’re all doing this thing called life and sometimes it can get us down.

Just remember, you’re a strong person. No matter what it is you can get through it. Believe in yourself because you’ve gotten this far and you can go so much further.

Todays nugget of inspiration comes from Kelly Clarkson’s song Stronger.

Let me know your thoughts and any inspiration for myself or anyone else who might be reading this.

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