Originally posted 29th August 2016

“Tomorrow you will have wished you started today”

Week 15 and yes, I’m talking to you reading this. What are the chances that at some point last week we said “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll start Monday” because it’s easier to think that we’ll actually do it tomorrow or Monday.
Now think, what are the chances we actually do the thing we said we were going to do?

Well here’s my little share of the week with you.
I’ve posted this person on here before but I think what she says here is so relevant to what I want to say I’m going to let her do it for me, otherwise I think I’d just be repeating it! This is from the YouTube Channel IISuperwomanII, enjoy!

She’s done a few videos like this which, if you enjoyed I highly recommend!

Now the above was a last minute thing and the song I had lined up is below (a two for one special today!)

I hope it’s loosely relevant to what I’m trying to get across!

If not here it is – there are ups and downs in life, that is guaranteed. What isn’t guaranteed is how we handle it, that is our choice. So don’t stop believing in yourself, if you said you were going to start something today start it! Remember, all you have to do is take the first step.

Beginning a project doesn’t mean you have to finish it in the same day. Take it at your own pace and before you know it you’ll achieve what you set out to achieve!

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