Originally posted 22nd August 2016

“Take time to celebrate yourself”

So now we’re in week 14 and we’re doing something else that is a little different today!

Instead of me writing a little speech about how we should all be positive and find the positives in ourselves and one another I think we should all think of five positive things we love about ourselves, genuinely! Let’s start the day off right. We all have good qualities and sometimes it’s frowned upon. But not here and not now. We should celebrate our differences and achievements. If there’s something you like about yourself or there’s something your proud of it’s OK to say so.

Five things I like about myself are as follows:


  • Hardworking – I think I’m a hard worker. If I’m at work I give it 100%, same as when I was at school and same with this blog. When I’m on here my focus is here. If I’m working on a project or surprise for friends or family you can bet I’m giving it my all, because they deserve it and I love making them happy. Plus, if you’re going to do something do it right is what I say.
  • I’m Nice – And this is so underrated today! People tend to overlook niceness nowadays in preference for other things, but really what’s wrong with being nice? Being nice means that you’re there for other people, whether you know them or not. It means that if someone needs you you’re there in a heartbeat. It means your loyal to those you love and would do anything for them. If you’re thinking “Well.. I’m nice?” don’t undervalue that! It’s awesome and you’re awesome for it.
  • Inquisitive – I love learning. I was the odd one out at school, I hated mornings but I loved gaining knowledge about different things. I still love it today, I don’t go to school but we all learn everyday. Everything you learn now will be useful at some point in your life (.. OK well I still haven’t found use for Pythagoras Theorem, but you didn’t hear it from me!). Also reading books, exploring different countries, languages, culture – it’s something that’s always interested me and fascinates me.
  • My Smile – I always feel so much better when I’m smiling. I feel I’m more approachable and having someone smile back is such a good feeling. Smiling means I’m happy and I want to make someone else happy. I’ve also heard that smiling is contagious, not only that but it can literally put you in a better mood. So let’s all smile, we’ll feel better and apparently could do the same for someone else!
  • I’m Weird – Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a bit weird, and that’s OK. I’m responsible and slightly insane. Restrained and excitable. There are so many more examples. I am chaos. I’m a walking contradiction and I love it. It’s me and I’m not changing anytime soon!


So those are my five, and if you thought writing that was easy then you’re wrong. It was tough. It went against every fibre of my being and I hate that. Why is it so hard to compliment yourself?

I want everyone reading this to do something. Below in the comments write five (or more! No-one is stopping you from doing more) that you love about yourself. If I can do it so can you. Let’s start the day being positive about ourselves and hopefully it’ll stay with us for the rest of the day.

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