Originally posted 8th August 2016

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist” – Oscar Wilde

Week 12 and it’s time to love life. I’m sure most of us do most of the time however, how many of you at one point in time has said the words “I hate my life” or something similar? I imagine quite a few.

More of us, myself included, take life for granted. We think we guaranteed another day. So instead how about this week we stop for a minute and take everything in. Lets go to work or school and be grateful that we can go to work or go to school. When meeting up with friends let’s be present and really enjoy the time together. Most of all let’s stop being in our own heads so much – I am so guilty of this it’s unreal. I spend the majority of time in my own head, so much so that I miss it when people are actually speaking to me or try to get my attention.

Let’s have fun! Let’s sing, let’s dance, let’s live!


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