Originally posted 3rd June 2016

“Anyone who says dreams don’t come true is telling a serious lie”  – James Bourne

On 27th May 2016 I went to see Busted.


Busted were one of my favourite bands growing up. Having never had a chance to see, them at that age (though I’ve seen McBusted), my sister got me tickets to see them at the London O2 Arena on their Pigs Can Fly Tour. And it was awesome!

I’m fairly certain anyone who has ever loved Busted has never stopped loving them. Their songs were so catchy and fun! The memories it brought back, basically my childhood in one night.

Back to the concert, it was everything I could have imagined and more. They were on point, so funny and they played all the favourites (Year 3000; What I Go To School For; Crashed The Wedding; Air Hostess; Sleeping With the Lights On; Thunderbirds Are Go… this could go on a while) – plus some new songs, which sound amazing!

I cannot wait to buy their new album when it comes out! That’s right, new music from Busted! I am more than ready! At one point during the concert Matt Willis mentioned about having to have waited 12 years for this very reunion.
12 years! I think it’s the most appropriate time to say “I did my waiting! 12 years of it! ..In Azkaban!”

I’ve included a video of clips that I took throughout the concert, it was just too good not too! I think one of the clips is in the wrong place, so apologies for that.

I’m not sure what else I can say. They were awesome, the new music they played was incredible, they were hilarious and so much fun. I had the best time.

I even love the title of the tour “Pigs Can Fly” and the first page of their tour programme “Busted Not Broken” for 12 years, as much as fans always wanted one, it seemed like a reunion was never going to happen – even the band members themselves all thought the same at one point or another.
On my other twitter account, on 1st October 2011 (thankfully I don’t tweet often so wasn’t too difficult to find), I tweeted ‘#TheyNeedToBringBack Busted ? x’ – My wish came true.

The whole thing was fantastic and I honestly couldn’t choose a favourite moment, like I say they played all my favourites. I think a couple of the most beautiful moments were when everyone had their lights on while they were in the centre of the arena playing one of their new songs. My friend said it looked like the Eiffel Tower surrounded by twinkling stars and I honestly think that is the best way to describe it.

Plus Sleeping With the Lights On when everyone had their lights turned on again, and the crowd started singing the lyrics without the band – it was a great experience to see them soaking it in and you could tell the fans loved it.

(Please note: I can’t take credit for the amazing pano picture at the end, that was my friend Naomi who came too – thanks!)



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