Originally posted 28th May 2016

“Being who you are is a lot easier than faking it” – Adam Lambert

This is coming very late. Extremely late. So late I’m sure it’s too late… Oh well.

On 14th April 2016 I saw Adam Lambert in concert. Now, Adam Lambert has been my favourite artist since I first saw him on American Idol in 2009. I don’t live in America, if I did he probably would have won.. OK I’m exaggerating, the point is he’s incredible.

I’ve seen him once before last year when he was touring with Queen, that in itself was such an incredible experience. I love his voice, I love Queen – match made in heaven! Plus he’s got the vocals to carry it off and didn’t try to take Freddie Mercury’s place, but instead tried to make it his own whilst respecting the originality.

But this isn’t about that particular concert, no matter how beautiful!

Watching him in concert playing his own music, interacting with his own fans was indescribable. His voice, as always, was insane. He was so lively and playful, and I loved the speech he gave half way through.

I’m gutted my battery died because that guy really can put on a show. I managed to film some of it however, with only a phone at hand and the battery already on 40% when I arrived at the venue, things weren’t looking good in that respect.
One other thing I thought was a real shame was that when I tried to buy a programme I was told they’d sold out.

Overall however, I had the time of my life that night. One things for sure, if he’s ever back in the UK, I will try my damned hardest to get tickets to go and see him again and I recommend that anyone who loves his music, who is looking to be entertained, or just really wants to see a great show to check him out! You will not regret it.

Here’s a little taster for you!

Let me know your thoughts. Apologies all I had with me was my phone. I’m not a videographer or a photographer so this was the best I could do. Enjoy anyway!

If you’re interested he has three studio albums: For Your Entertainment, Trespassing and The Original High. All of which I absolutely love and adore! I swear he just gets better with each album he brings out.

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Who would you love to see in concert anyway?


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